Physical Education Vicki Krebs
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Welcome to a new school year at East Cliff Elementary! This year brings some new and exciting changes to  the P.E. department!  I am excited to introduce our new paraprofessional, Mrs. Keri Summers.  We were fortunate to get Mrs. Summers because of the addition of 5th grade.  Students will have P.E. 3 times weekly with classes being 45 minutes. Below are some guidelines and expectations for your child.


  • Students are required to attend P.E. class .A note is needed from a parent explaining the reason for non-participation (valid for up to 3 days).A note from a physician will be needed thereafter.A doctor’s release is needed before the student can participate in P.E. again and for any other outside physical activities (i.e. recess, field day).
  • Any student with stitches or casts will be required to sit out.
  • Any student, who does not participate during P.E., due to a note from a parent/guardian or physician, will not be able to participate during recess.



  • Students should wear appropriate clothing for P.E.
  • Athletic shoes are required (closed toed and closed heeled).
  • Girls are required to wear shorts under dresses.


Physical Education grades will be based on participation and skills testing.  A grade book mark will be given for non-participation unless appropriate documentation is presented before class begins.  Conferences are available upon request.  My conference time is between 7:55-8:40 a.m. or you can reach me at and (361)777-4255 ext. 2231.