Barbara Barnes
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      The first nine weeks is over so students will be receiving their report cards on Monday, November 3rd..
       As the school year continues, I can't stress how important it is for students to memorize their multiplication facts.  We've just finished Unit 3 which is all about multiplication, and students will take the Unit 3 Test on Tuesday, Oct. 28th.  We will begin division this week, and if students still don't know their facts, they'll have difficulty with that concept as it is tied to multiplication
     The second 9 weeks in Math will be spent on division, a review of all operations, and fractions.  Fractions in particular are a difficult concept for many students to grasp.  Again, if a student has a good foundation in multiplication and division, it will be easier to learn.
      In Social Studies, students finished their study of Native Americans of Texas a few weeks ago. The posters they designed are exhibited in the cafeteria while the GT evaluations are in the library.
     This 9 weeks in Social Studies will be about colonization and the Texas Revolution.  This study always seems to be a favorite of the students.  
     If I can ever be of assistance, please email me at or come by room 14.  I look forward to spending the year with your child!