Barbara Barnes
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       Important dates:
March 27-end of the 3rd nine weeks
March 30/31-STAAR Writing test
April 3-Holiday

      What a wonderful trip the 4th grade had to San Antonio!  I'd like to thank all of the parents who traveled with us, our PTO for paying for the chartered buses, and Mrs. Munoz for paying for the venues that we visited.
     The 3rd nine weeks in Math will be spent finishing up fractions, and reviewing data representations such as dot plots, stem-and- leaf plots, and charts.  We will also cover measurement, both metric and customary.  Geometry, including measuring angles with a protractor will be included during this nine weeks, too. Students will continue to have homework each night, Monday through Thursday, unless there is testing or a special activity.  Please continue to check assignment sheets.
     In Social Studies this nine weeks, we'll be discussing Texas and the Civil War, the cattle industry, railroads, and the 20th century.
     If I can ever be of assistance, please email me at or come by room 14.  I look forward to spending the year with your child!