iPray is a student-led, on-campus, Christian group. iPray will be open to anyone who is interested in coming. Mrs. Reininger is the teacher sponsor and her room D102 will be open in the mornings before school at 7:45 for a quick time of prayer to start the day.

passStudents will need to pick up a morning prayer pass from Mrs. Reininger prior to the first morning they attend. Passes can be picked up from Mrs. Reininger when students have free time. There will also be monthly afterschool meetings and other activities throughout the year. Activities will be added to the calendar as they are planned.


School approved iPray tshirts are available from Mrs. Reininger for $10.
This year's theme is "getConnected".

The first activity will be the annual Global Day of Student Prayer "See You At the Pole." Gather with us on September 26, around the Jr. High flag pole to pray for one another and your friends, school, community, country, and world. See You at the Pole is about student-initiated, student-led prayer. Our dream is that a day committed to global prayer, especially at schools, would be a springboard to praying year-round, leading to a moral and spiritual awakening as students seek to love and serve their schools.