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Brain Pop
Username: callertimes Password: nie
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Use this site to download pictures that can be used in school projects. Be sure and cite the source of the image.
These images may be used in reports, presentations, etc. Be sure and click on Creative Commons.. Only.
This links allows you to check the card catalog at home. You can check to see if books are in our libraries and if they are ready for check out.
Check the school library catalog of books. Is there a book you want to read? Is it available at school today? Check it out.
Student grades..must have user id and password from school office.
This site has sounds and music that you can use for your school projects. You must give credit to in your sources cited.
Fun Brain

Check this out for exciting photos and photo tips. Check out the rest of the site for information about Science, Exploration, and Geography.
Add words and watch them take shape.
Online Encyclopedias for Home Access ( Username =gpjhs PW= grolier
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