P.A.C.E.S. - D. Craig
~2015 - 2016~
Welcome to P.A.C.E.S.!


Something to think about...

If a child doesn't know how to read, we teach.

If a child doesn't know how to swim, we teach.

If a child doesn't know how to drive, we teach.

If a child doesn't know how to multiply, we teach.

If a child doesn't know how to behave, we....punish?

Or should we teach?


My name is Darlena Craig and I am the Special Education Teacher for the P.A.C.E.S. class and also the Department Chair for the Special Education Program at GPJHS.
P.A.C.E.S. stands for Positive Academic Classroom Experiences with Socialization. I joined the GPJHS faculty because I was eager to make a difference in the lives of the students that have a difficult time learning in their regular classrooms. I have been in the Special Education field for over 15 years specializing in behavior modification and social skills training. Although it offers many challenges, I find each day a 'new day' for learning new skills and practicing age appropriate behavior.


In my P.A.C.E.S. class, we work on various social skills that assist the students with being more successful in their school and community settings.  Students are taught the proper ways to handle themselves amongst their peers and in their classrooms. 

All lessons involve a social skills word to define, a daily journal to complete, a worksheet on the topic being discussed that is done together as a group or individually, and a social group discussion.  Also, a daily sponge activity is completed at the beginning of each lesson. 

More details about our weekly topics will be listed under my classroom calendar so please take the time to review to know what your child is learning that week. 

Important for Parents AND Students:

Supplies:  Please make sure your child brings a pencil to my class everyday.  They are required to complete a daily sponge activity, social skills word and social skills journal everyday when they come into class.  Practicing good social skills does include being prepared for each and every class.

Dress code: Please make sure your child obeys the school dress code.  Any student who is observed out of dress code will be sent to the school office.  Administrators make decisions based on the situation but consequences can include, but are not limited to:  after-school detention, lunch detention, school referral, and/or In-School suspension.  Practicing good social skills does include following school rules and policies.

Tardies/Absences:  Students should be on time to each class and also present every school day.  School personnel are going to be flexible the first few days of school in order to give new incoming students a chance to get adjusted to the new change.  However, past students are familiar with the school layout and should be on time to each class from the first day.  Being tardy to a class can result in students receiving referrals and after school detention.  Parents will be notified if tardies become excessive and students can be placed in ISS due to numerous referrals.  Practicing good social skills does include being to class on time and present for each class day.  

As always, if you have any questions regarding your child's education or concerns relevant to the Special Education Department at GPJHS, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will return your call or email as soon as I am free.

And always remember to SMILE because:

Success Means Increasing Learning for Everyone!


An education is for everyone

All students deserve the right to learn regardless of a disability or limitations.


Mrs. Craig's daily schedule:
                                                *subject to change based on student need*                      





8:00 am – 8:55 am

Social Skills


8:59 am – 9:59 am

Academic support - in classes


9:59 am – 10:58 am



11:02 am – 12:08 pm

Academic support - in classes


12:08 pm – 12:38 pm LUNCH


12:42 pm – 1:37 pm

Academic support - in classes


1:41 pm – 2:36 pm

Academic support - in classes


2:40 pm – 3:35 pm

Social Skills